Environmental Stewardship

There are two main tiers of support for environmental management by agricultural land managers and farmers in England. Entry Level and Higher Level Stewardship.

Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) is open to all farmers across all farming types, including the uplands, to deliver simple yet effective environmental management.

ELS requires a basic level of environmental management and you can choose from a wide range of more than 80 management options. These cover all farming types and include things such as hedgerow management, stone wall maintenance, low input grassland, buffer strips, maintenance of traditional farm buildings and arable options.

Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) aims to deliver significant environmental benefits in high priority situations and areas. It involves more complex environmental management, so you will get advice and support from our advisers.

HLS is usually combined with ELS or Organic ELS options. There is a wide range of management options, and these are designed to support key features of the different areas of the English countryside.  HLS can contribute to a wide range of capital works such as restoration of hedgerows or traditional farm buildings.


Higher Level Stewardship is targeted to obtain the best practicable environmental gains and more information relevant to HLS in the AONB can be read in the dowload from the
Natural England website link here. This document sets out criteria for eligibility for the Higher Level Scheme across the Morecambe Bay Limestones Character Area